04 Jun Able McBride

Allotment shed. Norwich 2015

This is where I am at home, this is where I am happy. Away from all that stuff out there – the nonsense. Out there it’s just madness – in here it is safe. I come here whenever I can – always at weekends. I’m not married anymore but I have a daughter I look after but she is with her mum at the weekends.

I come down here and I grow my vegetables. They can keep me going all year if I get them right. Its nice because it feels like you take out what you put in so there is a kind of natural balance and it gives me respect for nature, for life and phentermine the way we can all work together. I used to work for Bowater. See the stream at the back. It was full of fish once but then there was a chemical spillage from the factory and the whole lot died. That was years ago and still there is nothing in it.

That’s like me. Once there was a spillage and everything died and, like the stream, there seemed to be nothing left.