04 Jun Breaker

Norfolk – Saturday April 7th, 2012

I love my yard.  Me and my brother have been stripping cars since we were kids.  My dad always had old motors.  He’d pick them up from around the place and bring them home.  It was the only way we could have a car.  People would pay to have them taken away, usually full of fuel and sometimes with almost nothing wrong.  The thing is, you couldn’t lose, my dad would say.  Even if it was a toady it never cost you anything – so no loss.  So the garden filled up with old motors and we would break one to make another and that’s how it went.  It’ turns out that it was easier than panning for gold, and you get a bigger return in less time.  I can’t tell you what I make out of this stuff at back of me; it wouldn’t be polite.  We do ok, my brother and me.


Breaker 2