Dominic Clemence MA (RCA): Photographer, Painter and Filmmaker

I started as a photographer in 1987 and worked from my studio in East London, just off Brick Lane. Ambition has driven me, and I always wanted to work in film and television.

Whilst having been a cinematographer on feature dramas since 1998 and in this time have been fortunate enough to work on some terrifically exciting and fun projects with visionary directors as well as directing drama such as Heart Beat and The Bill, myself. I have also directed a number of documentaries.

I regard my self as a filmmaker not a cameraman. As such, my approach to cinematography begins with a clear overview of the narrative landscape.

No two scripts are the same and consequently, no two films may look the same. I try to treat each film individually, giving it a visual personality and character. Understanding the way that light works to give psychological weight to scenes can never be undervalued. This is carried out with exactitude, precision and with a clear intent in mind. For me, Cinematography is elemental. It affiliates the audience to the story, guiding them through the emotional hoops and loops of the narrative.

Credits Include:

Director of Photography

28 Single Films and Mini series Series television includes:

Hetty Feather 28 Episodes
George Gently 4 Episodes
Kingdom 18 Episodes
Silent Witness 6 Episodes
The Bill 4 Episodes
Heartbeat 2 Episodes

Silent Witness

George Gently: Gently With Class

George Gently: Gently Northern Soul

Hetty Feather: Series 1

Kingdom ep 8 Showreel

Kingdom Series III Ep 6: Extended version

Sirens: DoP

Torn: D.o.P

Class of 76

The Bill – Episode 104

The Bill – Episode 105


Clown Ascending