04 Jun Mary

I lived in Peterborough.  I’ve been living in Norwich for 30 years now- longer, I think…I dunno.  I lived out by Hellesdon hospital.  I was a health worker…Married.  My other half, he was a copper and me nursing.  Wouldn’t believe it would you – me and him – copper, and me a nurse… psychiatric me.  He was violent though. Sometimes when he got back from work he would be alright. But me and him, we used to drink.  And when he was like that and things had been a bit shit [at work] he would start punching and punching and thumping and thumping so one day  – I stuck him.  I should have gone before that but I had nowhere.  What difference would it of made, eh? Cos I got nowhere now, have I?  I’ve been on the streets for 10 years. 

I was in a bit of trouble after, but it turned out not so bad, though.  It could have been worse.  After, I had a breakdown and lost where I lived and I couldn’t go back with him and then the council wouldn’t rehouse me because they said I wasn’t their responsibility and I made myself voluntarily homeless and I was from Peterborough.  But this is where I’m from now, isn’t it – 30 years-35 years?