04 Jun Maurice and Simone Fargedou

Saturday, 12th July 2010

I’ve lived here all my life – 86 years. I was the Postman.  It was an important job here because it is so isolated and, as the postman, it was your job to make sure that everyone, particularly the old were ok.  So I didn’t just deliver letters, I also delivered medicines for the pharmacie, and sometimes bread and food if people were poorly and couldn’t cope for themselves.  I know these mountains really well.  It never became part of Vichey France here.  The Resistance was strong and the Germans could never find us.  We would hide in dug-outs in the hills for months some for years and people would bring us food or we would forage. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

We did some things, terrible things; but we were young and there didn’t seem to be any rules.  The German troops were like sport to us.  You would hear that a small division were being moved and you would set a surprise attack.  The fallout was terrible.  We thought we were brave but I hate to think of the suffering that was caused by our actions.  We were pretty lawless boys in hindsight.