About This Project


Dominic Clemence MA (RCA): Photographer, Painter and Filmmaker

Each image is built from between 5 and 9 separate images that are brought together in panoramas varying between 270 degree and 120 deg.  Although I have a clear idea about what I think I am going to get, I am constantly amazed at the impression when I no longer have to turn my head, but get the impact before my eyes, way wider than my field of view. Each image has, at some point, had me awestruck, not because of the photograph but because of something much bigger, something very humbling.


When taking the photographs, my principle concern beyond the interactivity of light on location, was having a narrative.  Indeed the narrative was often created by opportune moments of light.  The images could not simply be ’pretty’ but they had to have a dialogue with the viewer.  The theme became the synergy between people and their environment.  I was so moved by wall in What is Life IV, for example. I was struck by how momentous the achievement, made necessary by a person’s need to work with his environment, for survival.  It’s a bit of a cliché, I know, but it is easy to forget the extraordinary nature of nature, both human and environmental.


These are very large images measuring about 56″ wide, and really have to be seen in print form to be fully appreciated.



Personal pieces