Dominic Clemence MA (RCA): Photographer, Painter and Filmmaker

Individually commissioned and exclusive, the portraits are hand drawn with pastel, gouache or acrylic – sometimes a combination of media. They have a photographic origin but are worked into, layer on layer, as drawings or paintings until the final image is arrived at. As with any painting, I cannot tell when this point will be reached. The moment arrives when the picture communicates in the way that feels complete. The combination of techniques gives a presence to the image, both something undeniable as in a photograph but also with heart that only a painting can express. The process is, at once, photographic, hand-painted and digital, taking advantage of the individual strengths of each process.

The finished look is determined by my interpretation of the subject, sometimes more expressionist, sometimes more impressionistic. On commissions, the method or interpretation can be discussed with a view to leaning in one direction or another, if preferred.

Typically, a portrait cost £195 (limited offer – unframed) as a finished 10” x 14” (approx.) print on 12” x 16” fine art archival paper. Any size is possible but after framing this seems to be an optimum size for most people. Subsequent prints cost £85.00 each. Any print run is a strict limited edition of 15 (not including artists proofs). Every print is signed, numbered and authenticated.