15 Jun Robert

Robert. Islington. Saturday, August 16th, 2015


I’ve been homeless for years now.   I’ve had places to live but I’ve not been able to stay in them and after a while being on the streets becomes a way of life.

I drove the tubes. It was ok, good money and I thought everything was ok – in good order. I was married and had two children, a girl and a boy. It was gambling for me; I didn’t even know it was a problem. I mean I felt stressed and that and I knew that I was losing money because I never had any left for shopping or rent or anything and I was borrowing a lot…that’s how I lost my home, my wife, my family… my eye.

I was outside a bookie and I had been drinking a bit and I got into an argument with another bloke about money I owed and he fucking stabbed me in the eye with one of those little pens.

How many one-eyed tube drivers do you know?