Dominic Clemence MA (RCA): Photographer, Painter and Filmmaker

Images from the Theatre.

Photographing theatre is incredibly exciting. It is also curious to me, having worked for so long in moving images, to be grabbing these moments in time. There are more connection between the two disciplines than might initially meet the eye. Most importantly, it is not just about getting beautiful pictures, but it is also about telling the story and finding the key moments that give you a clear sense of the narrative landscape, both in performance and design.

I have what I regard as a filmic approach to photographing theatre and often find myself working through scenes as if it where cinema. I might well use similar compositional methodology such as the wide and deep shot pulling together foreground and background to draw characters into compositional juxtaposition.

Sharpness of eye for action and a clear understanding of script and character is of great importance. It is without doubt that my 20 years of experience in film has been incredibly useful. When photographing theatre you will only ever get one chance to get the shot, so you can’t mess it up!