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Dominic Clemence MA (RCA): Photographer, Painter and Filmmaker

I have always loved story telling through imagery, and documentary was formative in my career, both in film and photography. The first film I made was a documentary about an old Lancastrian Farmer called Hamer Barker. He was one of the last crofters alive in the UK. The film was a finalist at the Margaret Mead Film Festival in New York. Why do I mention this?

Photographing special occasions is an incredible responsibility. It’s not just a case of beautiful imagery but also so much about capturing the spirit of an event. My aim, when photographing special occasions, is to create something in stills that tells the narrative of the event as if a film – as if a document in time. Don’t just cast your eye over the celebratory pictures here, but take a look at theatre images and ask yourself, is celebration a little like theatre, but with no script? When photographing theatre you have one chance and one chance only. If you miss the moment then it is never going to come back, it’s the same with documentary. So commissioning someone with the natural eye for story, with experience in documentary and experience in theatre is not just a natural choice, but a rare opportunity offered to you. Every person’s requirements are different. I have the experience to adapt to your needs and produce pictures beyond your expectation. Please feel free to call me to discuss your event 07931 517 569. I would be happy talk your ideas through with you. You can contact me via the link in this website or call me to arrange a meeting.